The Chronicles of Wetherid

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The Chronicles of Wetherid

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Exciting Atmosphere

For fans of epic fantasy who appreciate a deep and complex world full of magic, adventure, and intrigue, "The Legacy of the Elves" offers an unforgettable reading experience. It is a story of heroism, hope, and the relentless fight against the darkness that determines the fate of an entire world.

Rich World-Building

The world of Wetherid, with its deep history, geographic diversity, and the various cultures and peoples inhabiting it, is fascinating and inviting. These elements are masterfully woven together to create a vivid and compelling universe.

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Epic Plot

The story intertwines numerous plotlines into a comprehensive epic that combines classic elements of fantasy with new, fresh ideas. From heroic battles to profound philosophical questions about good and evil, the book offers a rich palette of narratives.

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Exciting Atmosphere

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The Legacy of the Elves Volume 1

The Guardians of the Seven Artifacts Volume 2 - The Secret of the Ice Flames Volume 3

In the heart of a world marked by war and darkness lies Wetherid, a land once ruled by dragons and powerful wolves. After millennia of struggle and a long period of darkness, the glorious elves bring back light and hope. Yet, the balance is fragile, and shadows continue to lurk at the edges of reality, ready to devour everything. When the Book of the Elves, the key to Wetherid's peace and prosperity, is stolen, a race against time begins to avert impending destruction and save the world from ultimate descent into darkness.

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In the thirteenth cycle, after the formation of the landmasses, long before the ancient era began, at the time when the flames in the Northland turned to ice and the High Lands had formed on the continent of Mendaris, fearsome, mighty dragons ruled Wetherid and fought against the gigantic, murdering wolves of Fallgar for dominion over the fire and frost-afflicted land. The cycle of life, of rebirth, was broken, and neither the dragons of Wetherid nor the wolves of Fallgar could claim victory after five thousand years of war.

A shadow spread over Wetherid and Fallgar, followed by a thousand years of darkness.

However, one day, a light accompanied by gloriously sounding horns was brought by the elves, the purest and most noble creatures, across the southern sea to the darkened continent, to Wetherid. The darkness was illuminated, and the scarred wounds of the land were healed, allowing new life to emerge.

Volume 1 Released 06/2024

The peoples, the peoples, shall live forever! A new era is now to emerge!

- Volume 1 -

1. The Arriving - 2. Through the Forest - 3. The Journey - 4. The Gates of Ib´Agier
5. Dessert Song - 6. The Monastery - 7. The Dark Song - 8. The Orcs from Raga Gur - 9. An Epic Battle


"The Elves from the Glorious Valley will march with two thousand men through the Mistmoor to Ib´Agier. I wish for you all to make preparations so that we can depart in two days!" commanded the queen majestically.


When the hard steel from Ib´Agier, driven by the dwarf's immense strength, struck the horn, not only did the stone floor shatter into many pieces, but so did the horn. "Good work from Ib´Agier," said Borlix and laughed.


"Elves have pointy ears and that's why they were often teased by humans. The Alliance of the Elves. I can almost remember the whole story now," thought Vrenli happily, but his joy disappeared as quickly as it had come.


"Our next destination are the ruins of Tawinn, where we will set up our night camp and cross Lake Taneth the next day. We must hurry. The attack of the forest goblins has cost us a day," said Gorathdin, who was closely observing the surroundings.

Master Drobal

"Gorathdin, notify your friends of our plan. When you see light blue lightning strike from the top of the tower to the south side, proceed with them through the barrier," said Master Drobal, moving towards the glowing crystal ball.

What do you know about Wetherid?

A curious newcomer, this quiz will challenge your understanding of the lore, characters, and magical elements that make "The Chronicles of Wetherid" so captivating. Dive in and let the adventure begin!

What role do the Snow Goblins from the Ice Mountains play?

Where do the Elves from the Glorious Valley reside?

What is the key to Wetherid's peace and prosperity?

Who brings back light and hope to Wetherid after a long period of darkness?

What threat do the Kajirs pose in the Desert DeShadin?

What are Haldakies?

Who are the allies of Erwigth from Entrobis?

Which guild controls the underworld of Astinhod?

Who are the guardians of the Life Tree of the Dark Forest?

What creatures once ruled Wetherid?

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